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Customer Support

The helpful heroes

This team is so supportive that most questions they receive are job offers from other companies. That’s not completely true, but since Billogram’s main selling point is an improved customer experience, their job is key to delivering on that very same promise.

With over 20.000 clients it's easy to get lost in a quantity vs. quality battle, but no-way-josé, this team always deliver grade A technical support to each and every client. You might try to prank call them, but instead you'll end up as friends on Facebook. They’re that good!

As part of this team of heroes, you get to challenge the traditional way customer support works and make your mark on a rebellious fast growing company that aims for world domination by tomorrow.


In our office, one can find an ever growing group of slightly rebellious and self-proclaimed geniuses. A recent culture study found that employees at Billogram are in fact the best in the world. These statistics came straight from a highly reliable slack poll survey, performed internally at five-thirty on a Friday pay-day.

Apart from being the best in the world, we’re a pretty humble and casual bunch. Working here you can enjoy the benefits of having a flat organization where two conference rooms are dedicated to table tennis and billiard. Someone who’s clearly related to Einstein even named them the Arcade and the Ping Pong Room.

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