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Product Owner - Integration

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Greetings 👋 Glad you found your way here.

We’re Billogram and we do digital invoicing because we think traditional invoicing is lame. It’s basically anxiety on a paper, filled with apprehension (did I pay my invoices? Did our customer get their invoice?) and when done wrong it can waste so much time and energy. Time and energy that both sender and recipient could spend doing something else.

It’s not the easiest thing to solve – we want both sender and recipient to have the best experience possible but since their interests don’t always align it’s up to us to come up with smart solutions to satisfy both parties. Come build those smart solutions with us!

Billogram offers larger clients help with integrations between their system and ours. This work involves understanding the client’s work process, their internal systems and how their data needs to be transformed in our system. Project managers, solution architects and developers are all involved in this and because we’re onboarding more and more clients, they have a lot to do.

To be inside each integration project leaves little time to think about the overall simplifications that could improve our projects. In this role you will join a new team with a very clearly defined goal: To facilitate our integration projects to increase their efficiency. The team will be responsible for a platform that generalises functionality to make it reusable and sustainable. As the product owner, you’ll need to understand our product and our integration projects – combine this with the technical possibilities and work with the team to provide tools and functionality to those in the integration projects. To do this we think that you:

    • Have worked as a Product owner for ~5+ years
    • Have experience from other integration projects and platform
    • Are good at systems design and see possibilities to streamline processes and tools with tech
    • Love problem solving and to think creatively
    • Value team work and great communication

    At Billogram you’ll have 100+ super kind and helpful colleagues, a homey office smack in the middle of Stockholm (sadly pretty empty these days…), possibility to work remote or hybrid even after this pandemic mess, flexible working hours, lots of interesting challenges and a whole bunch of laughs.

    Welcome to the world of Billogram.

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    • Remote status

      Hybrid remote

    Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!


    Klara Södra Kyrkogata 1
    111 52 Stockholm Directions work@billogram.com View page


    Your grandfather might think having a job is the greatest benefit of having a job, but we know that if you’re anything like a spoiled millennial with a YouTube channel, that’s not good enough. So we'll try and do this right.

    For starters, we offer you free invoicing for life. All we ask in return is that you work at Billogram for all eternity. Ok, that was a joke, there’s no such thing as a free invoice.

    No, instead some of the great things we offer follow below. Stuff any YouTuber wouldn’t survive without.

    • Be a boss

      Here you get to rule like a dictator or a sympathetic saint, either way you are your own CEO and with that comes things like flexibility, responsibility and other words ending with ‘bility’. And running your own show is a good thing, because everyone gets to see how great you are.

    • Get bossed around

      Even though everyone here is a boss, we all listen to each other and work closely together. Together we take small steps forward every day. And by sharing thoughts and ideas with each other, we evolve and learn to become 'mega-bosses'. Like cool Transformer robots, we too are stronger together.

    • Change the world

      We’ve taken something that’s been neglected and boring for 5000 years and made it valuable and useful. Even better for you, as our product keeps changing, you can be the next to reinvent it. Just wait for that genius idea to come to you in the bathroom.

    • Join a journey

      Our company grows faster than the waistline of a man from Texas. The lame metaphor aside, Billogram is really changing rapidly and it’s a great journey to be a part of. So, join us and make your mark on the world of invoicing, like the moonwalking Michael Jackson made his mark on the world of dancing backwards.


    In our office, one can find an ever growing group of slightly rebellious and self-proclaimed geniuses. A recent culture study found that employees at Billogram are in fact the best in the world. These statistics came straight from a highly reliable slack poll survey, performed internally at five-thirty on a Friday pay-day.

    Apart from being the best in the world, we’re a pretty humble and casual bunch. Working here you can enjoy the benefits of having a flat organization where two conference rooms are dedicated to table tennis and billiard. Someone who’s clearly related to Einstein even named them the Arcade and the Ping Pong Room.

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