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Everyday life…

Something that makes Billogram's customer support unique, is the wide variety of tasks the team performs each day. We help Billogram's clients with how to use our service in the best possible way, as well as support their customers, the invoice recipients with any questions they might have. Besides this, we also perform a significant amount of administrative and compliance tasks where it is of great importance that no mistakes are made. In other words, what we do is the bread and butter for Billogram and that’s something we take great pride in!    

Today we provide omnichannel support to our clients, but we're always curious about new technology that can help us improve our way of working and the support we give. A combination of the right system support and amazing people is the key to delivering extraordinary customer support and achieving this will truly be a team effort where everyone counts!

...and what the future holds for us!

Okay, so after all the tickets in Zendesk have been answered and no more calls are waiting in the queue, what then? You could lean back in your chair, enjoy the empty inbox and call it a day, but to be honest, where's the fun in that?  

Like the rest of Billogram, our customer support team wants to try new things, invent cutting edge approaches and boldly go where no team has gone before. Exactly where that is, we don't know right now, but we're excited to embark on this journey and hope you are too! Maybe we will create the first chatbot that actually helps? Or transform webinars to one-on-one coaching sessions? 

The point is, there are no limits and we make sure there's always room to try out new things and continuously develop. If you are passionate about revolutionizing customer support, you'll find plenty of encouragement here at Billogram and your efforts will be celebrated!


Meet the team!

Emma - Customer Support Manager at Billogram 

What makes Customer Support at Billogram unique? 
It’s an amazing opportunity to work with support at such a customer-oriented company as Billogram. You never have to convince a colleague about the value of a satisfied customer, everyone already knows it, and that will allow us to really test the waters and see what modern customer support could look like.

What are you most excited about when it comes to Billogram and our future? 
Moving away from the traditional paper invoice has been in the making for quite a while now, and I believe we’re truly on the threshold to something new now, and a real shot at being a game changer in the payment landscape. Providing our own customers with a grade A customer experience is an important key to placing Billogram on the map for payment solution providers and I’m excited to see what the future holds! 

What makes you motivated to go to work?  
I’m a true achievement junkie, and there is nothing more satisfying than to check something off a list and getting things done. My nature is very much in sync with a fast paced organisation like Billogram, where big ideas and self starting individuals are encouraged. I also really enjoy the feeling of constant movement. 

Why do you think someone should join Billogram? 
I can only speak for myself, and even though I do believe our service has endless possibilities and is really needed in the world of payments, I mainly joined Billogram because of the awesome people who work here and the culture we create together. For me it’s kind of similar to the feeling you get when you gather all the Marvel heroes and they take on the biggest bad guy in the universe, there is a unique feeling of togetherness. That is what I feel when I get to the office in the morning. But instead of fighting crime, we want to make the paper invoice a thing of the past!

Jennifer - Customer Support Agent at Billogram 

What makes Customer Support at Billogram unique?
Everyday is different and there is always something new to experience when working with customer support at Billogram. Here I have the ability to impact the way we work and new ideas and approaches to routines are always welcome. I like that we are a flat organisation and that the support team has lots of insight in what the other departments are working with. That way, Billogram is a very inclusive place, something you often don’t get in bigger companies. Last but not least, we always have a lot of fun while working!

At Billogram, the Customer Experience is such a central part of everything and that has to mean our Customer Support is bound to be different from almost any other our there. Here I'm encouraged to come up with creative solutions to various issues, ensure that every interaction with a customer in a positive one and on top of that, I get to hang out with my wonderful Billo colleagues every day!

Martin Technical Customer Support Agent

What makes Customer Support at Billogram unique is the fantastic co-workers and high spirits at the office. The thing that I’m most excited about is to be able to grow with a company that delivers both a high end product and a world class support experience, at the same time What makes me motivated to go to work is to come to a place where you get the opportunity to learn new things everyday! Everyone should join Billogram, because it’s awesome!

Isabelle Customer Support Agent

Top 3!

CX above all
It's fun to be able to deliver great customer care, at a company that values the customer experience above all!
Customer Support is the best place to start off your journey at Billogram, here you get to know the product and our clients like no one else!
The team works hard together to deliver great customer support and continuously develop processes and guidelines to be able to stay up to date!

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