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Not your ordinary sales role.

An extraordinary opportunity.


Billogram is an interactive payment solution that replaces traditional invoices, while adding the value of seamless payments, creating a new channel for personal communication and a significantly improved customer experience. The result is a payment that benefits both customer and company.

Our solution is a perfect fit for B2C companies with recurring payments, who want more efficient ways to regularly communicate with their customers. Billogram therefore focuses a lot on the energy, telecom and internet sector, as well as a growing list of new verticals and markets.

Billogram's efforts to improve the customer experience goes hand in hand with other more common company goals of higher growth and improved profit margins. Years of working with small business have taught us the importance of making each customer feel valued and how to best do so, at the moment of their payment. 

All components of our product are not unique, but the way we have evolved and made them come together truly is. This leaves us with an end-to-end solution that no one else offers! 


It's easy to be proud of Billogram and our product, this makes work not only a lot easier, but it also naturally encourages everyone to perform their best. This combined with the ability to offer something that is truly appreciated by both companies and their customers – makes working with sales at Billogram an unbeatable opportunity. 

Joining Billogram at this time is a rare opportunity. We are leaving the risky startup stage, which means increased stability, while everyone here still gets to influence Billogram's future and make their mark. Together we are transforming an outdated industry, which has been allowed to continue with business as usual for far too long. 

Working here means you will never be bored and always surrounded by colleagues who go to work because they want to, not because they have to. Billogram offers a prestigeless workplace and an exciting journey with limitless possibilities. 


Our solution isn't necessarily hard to sell, instead the complexity lies in the sales process, which often involves a range of different stakeholders and business areas. Working with our potential clients means ushering them towards committing to taking a big step into a more digital and customer-driven reality. A future we welcome and want to help shape.

The sales processes at Billogram are varying and offers a lot more than "cold calling". Some take a few weeks, others years, hence it's important to be able to juggle multiple processes and adjust your motivation and energy levels accordingly. 

At Billogram you are surrounded by humble and dedicated people who do their best to change a whole industry for the better. The positive effects of our solution and the change we are creating is very rewarding. We now look forward to further expanding our company, without compromising on quality or losing our personal touch!


Our Sales team is looking to grow with experienced Business Development Managers. To succeed in this role at Billogram you need to be excited about sales, particularly new business. Ambition is key, therefore we'd like you to be eager to constantly evolve, taking on bigger clients and new verticals as we continue to grow. 

Besides sales and growth, you will also be part of building and evolving the department and hence need to be comfortable with working in a healthy amount of chaos, while contributing to  setting more processes and structure in place. Make sure to question everything, take initiatives and encourage new ideas and you'll fit right in! 

Billogram's uniqueness requires you to have a humble approach and take all the help you can get from the team. We strongly believe our success is a team effort and would like you to prioritise our communal success over your own. Together we'll make the change that benefits our customers, their customers and ourselves. 


Meet the team!


Jacob - Business Development Manager at Billogram 

What makes Sales at Billogram unique? 
The close collaboration between Sales and Marketing enables us to really focus our efforts where they have the greatest impact and lets us gain traction and awareness within targeted client segments. This enables our sales processes to be highly relevant and value focused. Since we address business critical processes (companies need to get paid…) it’s important to help clients realise the additional value of our product in an expertly manner. This, and the fact that our sales cycles are rather long, is why we are able to establish very close relationships with our prospective clients. Also, being an innovative, fast-moving company competing with conventional actors in an outdated market has its benefits.

What are you most excited about when it comes to Billogram and our future?
For me it’s exciting every time we initiate a relationship with a company within a new market or industry - it's pretty amazing how we're able to adapt the fit of our product and how it then creates value for so many different types of businesses. There are so many interesting opportunities ahead to explore.

What makes you motivated to go to work?
Great colleagues, Billograms culture and atmosphere as well as the opportunity to influence our trajectory.

Why do you think someone should join Billogram?
There are many reasons but one of the big ones is the opportunity to be part of an exciting growth journey where the effort of every single person really matters! 


20170202_Carl-Oscar-Aaro_Martin-Svane_9988 (1).jpg

Martin - Marketing Communications Manager at Billogram

What makes Sales at Billogram unique? 
We are fortunate enough to have a product that is good enough to sell itself, instead the challenge is often getting all the stakeholders on board with the idea of taking a big step towards becoming a more digital and modern company.

What are you most excited about when it comes to Billogram and our future? 
The payment market has gone through a technical revolution, but in our little corner, nothing has really happened– until we came along. Now we are at a point where we can overdeliver on the expectations of both our clients and their customers.

What makes you motivated to go to work? 
Feeling that everything I do directly impacts the future of the company and knowing that everyone here will benefit from the results of my work. Also, invoicing is in much need of a total makeover.

Why do you think someone should join Billogram? 
This is a place that is formed by constant change and as an employee, you are encouraged to contribute to that. The individual chooses to whatever extent and in whichever way they prefer to do so.


I strongly believe in Billogram’s solution and offering, we truly differ ourselves from the rest of the solutions in the industry. Our solution is modern, time appropriate and has huge untapped potential, so we have an exciting time ahead of us. I’m equally excited about being a part of the friendly and creative atmosphere that is Billogram!

Carl Chief Revenue Officer

Sales at Billogram is both FUN and professional. The product is amazing and everyone working here influences it’s development, I can really make a difference. I’m proud and confident in Billogram’s product and I’m sure our clients feel that when interacting with us. Billogram is a diverse and creative place to work, my colleagues are awesome and hardworking, we have dogs in the office and a sparkling water-tap in the kitchen!

Makida Key Account Manager
Interview with Billogram's CRO - Carl Lindberg!

Top 3!

We can do more together. You'll work closely with the Sales team, as well as Marketing, and basically all other departments at Billogram!
Complex Selling
We're focusing all of our efforts towards getting large companies and enterprises onboard. Being creative in the process and building relationships are key!
Everyone is a given freedom and flexibility here. Take pride in your work and enjoy an energetic workplace!

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